Dubai Recruitment Companies: How to Change Your Career

Are you tired of your present job and want to look for new one? Do you need a new job that fits your skills better? If you are in the middle of a career crisis, you can have Dubai recruitment companies help you out! Here are some of the best advice that recruiters have given to job seekers—new and old!


Always Update Your CV

If you have been lazy or complacent and have not updated your resume for a long time, then you are not yet ready to go out there and apply for new jobs. That’s because for recruitment companies, they always want to see your latest and updated resume or CV so that they can easily assess if you are someone they can recommend to a current job position available with one of their clients.

So how can you update your CV without stress? The best way is to update it regularly even if you are not looking for a new job. This way you can stay focused on what were the events that took place in your life and keep track of the companies or job titles you held in the past. Most people who transfer from one company to another in an interval of 2-3 years will need to keep track of the companies they have worked for so that by the time they need or want to send an application, they can easily do so.

Update Your Skills As Well

Aside from your CV, you also need to find out what other skills are relevant in the filed or position you want to work in. This is important so that you know if you have those skills and if you don’t, what can you do in order to get them. Some skills maybe easier to acquire than others but they all take time. They are like insurace—you can’t have them when you need them so better start while you are still free and are able to set aside the time to learn and practice that skill. Know more about the available jobs now from a recruiter JCA Associates – Recruitment Agency in Dubai and start preparing for the skills needed for them. One day you might find yourself applying for those jobs too!

Be Positive

There are times that even our best planning does not work out the way we want and there are other forces stopping us from getting where we want to be. In those times, you should keep an open mind and be positive about your career. Of course you don’t need to go through those tough times alone. When you go to a recruitment agency, they can help you find a job you like or one that matches your skills so that you don’t need to be stuck at home or be without income. With recruiters who have a large network and connections with different companies that might be looking for new workers, you can always have a good chance in finding work.

What to Prepare for Meeting Professional Recruitment Consultants

So you have decided to get a new job, change careers or just try your luck in the job market by consulting professional recruitment consultants and getting their help in trying to find the best work opportunities out their in your field. So what do you do now that you have been called for an interview? Here are some of the things you need to prepare so that you can increase your chances of getting the best interview experience with job consultants.

Updated Resume

A few days before your interview with your job consultant, make sure you already updated your resume to reflect your most recent employment. If you have been out of work for many years, it is best to just leave that blank rather than invent jobs you have done. Professional recruitment consultants can immediately notice those gaps in your resume and if you have somehow tampered with the dates. It is best to just leave them blank and once you are asked about the gaps, explain it in a composed manner making sure that you explain the reason and make it sound that you are not bitter about it. It can also help a lot if you tell them that in the time of your employment gap, you actually did a lot of things in between such as develop your technical skills, your hobbies, etc. As long as you can reflect that you did not waste your time just by sitting at home, then you can be sure that the job consultants won’t have a negative image about you.

Don’t forget to bring several copies of your resume because when you do to the interview, you might be asked for an extra copy. Sometimes there are more people dong the interview and you have to be ready in case they may need extra copies of your documents.

Business Suit

When going to meet your job consultants, you want to have a good first impression on them and that means you have to be in business suit or professional office attire. Do not come in shorts, though some people might think that this is ok especially if you are applying or a creative position. No. Do not come in casual clothing, slippers, or look all sweaty and unprepared for your interview. Why? It will give this impression that you don’t care about the interview. Even if you say you are applying for a creative position, it doesn’t mean that you can look sloppy. Besides, looking sloppy also reflects on your work. If you are dirty, smelly, and looked like you just came out of bed, then you can never undo the bad impression you gave to your job consultants.

Personal Identification

This is a small detail but an important one. Bring a copy of your ID or any identification so that the job recruiters know it is really you—the one who applied and is on the resume. Some of their clients may also require applicants to show their IDs so be prepared. Visit JCA Associates – Recruitment Consultants in Dubai now to read more about recruitment consultants.