Harsh Reaction From Vladimir Putin Regarding Elton John’s Post

Although the Russian President has a reputation as an individual with some harsh attitudes regarding the LGBT community, the world was pretty mad at his response to Elton John’s Instagram post.

Namely, Putin stated that even though he loves and respects John Elton as a fantastic artist, he believed that the musician was mistaken in this case. Putin said this while he was attending a G-20 summit in Osaka.

He also claimed that the Russian government had a wholly unbiased and relaxed attitude regarding the LGBT community. However, Putin added that he believes that the only people who can have a saying in gender identity decisions are adults. He has a strong opinion that minors have to be left aside.

Russian law actually bans any minors’ homosexual propaganda. Putin said that he likes to respect a more traditional lifestyle.

Too Explicit Scenes for Russia in Rocketman

Earlier, Elton John used his Instagram account to comment on some of Putin’s reactions on his liberal ideas. These ideas included a remark to push even greater rights for the LGBT members.

During an interview for the famous Financial Times, Putin made his remarks. Here, he said that LGBTQ people were perfectly fine with him, but that he had some issues on liberal views which were more obsolete.

However, some facts remain. Russia did censor some scenes of gay sex in Elton John’s Rocketman, a biographic movie. Putin explained this action by saying that some of the scenes appeared to be a bit too explicit for them.

Putin kept insisting that he had no issues with LGBT people. He said that he only wished them the best and to live their lives as happy as they could be. But he still thinks that some of those scenes do appear a bit too excessive to him. Putin also said that the LGBT community members claim that children can play five gender roles, which is unacceptable.

Putin said that he wants nothing more than to just let everyone live their happy lives and that he had no problem with it. His main concern, however, remains the fact that the LGBT community wants to overshadow the traditional culture and family values of millions of people. The vast majority of heterosexual persons are the core population.

Elton John’s Instagram Response

Elton John decided to respond to the Russian President by uploading a photo of his husband David Furnish, their two sons, and himself on Instagram. Across the picture’s center, John wrote the word ‘censored.’

John also wrote that he was distraught after he read the Financial Times interview. He strongly disagreed with Putin’s opinion. John hates the fact that the Russian President said that embracing sexual and multicultural sexual diversity was somewhat obsolete in today’s society.

As a matter of fact, John finds Putin’s comments on how he wishes LGBT people to be happy and that Russia has no problem with homosexual people as duplicity. John wonders about Putin’s honesty in the statements he made previously, considering the fact that Russian distributors chose to censor his movie. Moreover, John finds these acts hypocritical.

John said that he was proud to be a resident in the part of the world where governments evolved enough to recognize all human rights. He was free to do whatever he wanted with his life.


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