Super Shopping Summer Horoscope: July 2019

Well, girls, it’s July already. Time simply flies by. Having this in mind, we have to make sure that you look glam as always. With a new month comes our new monthly horoscope, so what to buy?

Along with several big planets, July has Mercury Retrograde. This means that, just like the baby chicks who are pecking their way to the outside world, far from their shell, some extra effort is required in every aspect of life. However, that effort opens up a whole new world of opportunities.

Try not to waste your time on feeling angry if your dreams haven’t come true just yet. This is the month where you will realize that this is an invitation for you to pour some of your magic in order to make your dreams a reality. Regardless of what you think the success is, dress to impress. It’s the best way to be prepared for good things.


Our dear tender crabs, success is yours this month. This is the time where you have to face your demons. Be prepared to speak the truth, and nothing but the truth, and it will have the most satisfying result.

Since the accent will be on your lips, make sure they dazzle everyone. This is the month you’re supposed to shop for that perfect red shade which will enhance and compliment your natural beauty.


Our proud lionesses will get to take the victory lap during July. This will be a modest, but oh so satisfying lap. The areas in which you once had some unsolved issues or conflicts will finally turn the tables, and you will be the one who benefits from it. As a way to celebrate this, like the mighty lion you are, shop for those sky-high heels. Even though this may be a small victory, wear it like a crown high above the crowd.


Our gentle little perfect Virgos have been feeling some changes from the ground up. You will get to reap the treats and the rewards of your efforts this month. This is precisely why you should dress to impress but make sure that you do so in solid gold. Only time can reveal the true change you’ve undergone lately and shown this to the world.


Our dear sweet peace lovers, this month can be an “ouch” for you. Some old wounds will come out of hiding. You will need to be strong and use all your compassion and attention. This is why you need to buy a sound machine. This will help you cope with the tough month. It can also mean that an old and painful story ended. Things will hardly be the same for you. This is because you aren’t the same.


So many obstacles that you have to deal with this year. The mountain you started to climb may seem like an impossible mission at this moment, but don’t worry. The goal is so much closer than you may think. This July, you should symbolically buy a pair of quality trail runners. This should push you in the right direction — the top of the world.


Our brave archers, the time has come for you to check in on your so-gladly-shared-with-the-world opinions. Because some of them may become a burden and something your back can support no longer. This is why you’re July shopping choice should be a backpack, to make sure that you carry only necessary things along. And, while we’re at it, you’ll look too cute to handle.


Our ambitious little goat, this is the time for some challenges. You will have no problem in overcoming them. Even though it may not seem so likely, your job opportunities will unveil in July. Your choice for a summer item in July should be a magnifying mirror. It will make sure that every time you look at yourself, you can pay close attention to detail.


Our precious children of the future, this month is the one to relax and enjoy the ride. In fact, you don’t have to make any decisions. The hard part is finally over. If you just relax, the situations where you have to choose whether to say yes or no to certain things will sort out themselves. Since we all know how chaotic your space may be, shop for some drawer organizer, or two, just in case. This will teach you about how more comfortable life can be once your closet looks tidy.


Ok, our water romantics, July is bringing you a time full of making choices. Use your intuition as always, and trust your feelings about the things which put challenges on your path. You need to feel divine and gorgeous, so this month, buy a pair of platforms and enjoy the magic of summer!


Here we are, our feisty fire-driven impulsive ewe. Once you manage to balance the words which come out of your mouth and listen to other people, you will be a happy individual. The more you remember to think and listen before you rush and bang your head against the wall, the more successful you will become. To please yourself with a special July treat, buy a fashionable torque bracelet or a necklace. This will be a reminder to stay open-minded to what you hear. This month is crucial for you to grow.


Here is the July motto for our proud bulls — be careful what you wish for because it might come true. Don’t rush into things that you think you want to have so badly. Most of them aren’t what you actually need. As for the July shopping item, maybe it’s just the right time for a new fashionable wallet.


Oh, you flirt and charming champion, once you overcome the fear of commitment, new love is just around the corner. That’s right, and if you open up your heart to new possibilities, fear-free, love will come on its own. In July, buy a silk scarf which will hug your neck until that special someone decides to barge in and make you blush. A storm of butterflies in your tummy will be something inevitable.


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