The Slap That Traveled the World: Big Little Lies

After tonight’s episode of Big Little Lies aired, there was plenty to talk about. However, before we get to any other issue, we need to discuss that slap.

An unwanted guest arrived at the Madeline’s (Reese Witherspoon) pumpkin party — Mary Louise (Meryl Streep). Even though she brought a cake in a fake gesture of kindness, her genuine personality emerged at one point.

Mary Louise wondered about the location of her third grandchild and stated that she was about to rent an apartment in the same building in which Ziggy (Iain Armitage) and Jane (Shailene Woodley) lived. She also added that she just couldn’t wait for that time when she could have all three boys in her place for a sleepover.

At this point, Celeste (Nicole Kidman) tried to pull her to the side in an attempt to let her know just how badly she had crossed the line. Celeste couldn’t understand that Mary Louise was about to move into the same building in which Jane lived, her son’s rape victim. Mary Louise started wondering once again if Jane was, in fact, a rape victim at all.

She also added that she still had many questions that needed answering, such as whether her son was ever with Jane on that unfortunate night in the first place. Mary Louise wondered who was her son seeking refuge from or what he was searching for. She also thought that there were many other women he visited.

This is when Celeste lost her cool and slapped Mary Louise so hard right across her face. She slapped Mary Louise so intensely that we had the feeling that she could have lost her head. To top it all off, Mary Louise acted like nothing important just happened, while Celeste immediately tried to apologize after realizing just how hard that slap was.

Meryl Streep merely sniped and adjusted her glasses while asking Nicole Kidman what they should call it then. She replied by saying, “foreplay.” Just how big of a nightmare is this woman?

Replaying the Slap Again and Again

We bet that each of you replayed that slap many times before continuing with the episode. Even though we thought that was the worst it could get, the series had shown that things could become much, much worse when it came to Mary Louise.

Namely, she expressed her concerns about whether or not Celeste was in a condition to take care of her sons properly. This is why she tracked an attorney to help her petition on getting custody of Josh and Max. By the end of this breathtaking episode, it seemed like she wasn’t so far off after all.

Celeste is taking pills (still), and she managed to drink a lot at a bar with Jane. Of course, she was wasted. The following morning, she forgot about bringing the bartender home with her. And even her son said that it looked weird.

It was pretty clear that Celeste isn’t doing so good. However, we wondered if she was so unwell that she should allow Mary Louise to take her boys? Now, when it came to this, we are not that sure.

Meanwhile, Renata is no longer wealthy, despite her many efforts to prevent this bankruptcy. She organized a huge disco-style birthday party for Anabella. This happened just a few hours after she went bankrupt. The party went wild, but Ed and Madeline continued to argue with Jane about her potential boyfriend, Corey. After another vision about water, Bonnie’s mother suddenly lost consciousness.

The aftermath — she ended up in a hospital with a small brain bleed. The episode ended with another vision of Bonnie drowning. So we wonder if this drowning is supposed to represent a reality or a metaphor of how Bonnie is over her head in lies about Perry?

One more issue we have here regarded Bonnie’s mother. Is this woman actually psychic? Because it kind of feels like we are just glossing over this.

Either way, God bless this fantastic show; first, it gave us the scream, and now, we have the slap. What does Meryl have in store for us next? We can’t wait to find out.


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