‘Toy Story 4’ Earns Domestic $58 Million and Stays Number One During Its First Weekend

As everyone already expected, “Toy Story 4” remained number one in the box office the second weekend in a row. On the other hand, the new releases of “Yesterday” and “Anabelle Comes Home” earned excellent blockbuster alternatives on opening weekends.

This Pixar film keeps the trend of being slightly ahead of “Toy Story 3,” with earning gross $57.9 million the first weekend. That means that the animated movie totaled $236.9 million in the initial ten days after the premiere.

Let’s compare this figure with “Toy Story 3.” Namely, the previous movie earned $226.8 million by this point in its run, and it finished the race with a total of $415 million in the States.

As for overseas, the movie opened in new territories — seven, to be precise. That includes Italy and France, making $80.6 million which contributed to the global total of $496.5 million.

Top Five Movies in Summer 2019

As for the runner-up, the movie “Anabelle Comes Home,” after 3,613 screens, it has earned $20.3 million. However, the last “Conjuring” installment, which opened on Wednesday, grossed $31 million by the end of the week, with $11 million during the weekend. Now, many of us would think that these figures were excellent.

However, this gives us some insight as to how the audience’s interest has fallen since the original “Anabelle” film first aired. To elaborate, critics gave this movie a 60% Rotten Tomatoes score, which is less than what we are used to when it comes to this franchise.

And while Anabelle lost her primary interest, back in the “Conjuring” universe, we expect the “Conjuring 3” premiere in September 2020.

This is the third 2019 summer blockbuster, which happens to be our favorite, as something very original and smart. Not a typical all-American story, but it keeps you interested the whole time. “Yesterday” earned $17 million this weekend, after having 2,603 screens. This movie reported a $26 million budget. The producers expected at least $10 to $14 million on the opening week.

Rotten Tomatoes gave this one 61%, making it reasonably positive.

On fourth place this week, there is the long-expected “Aladdin.” This Disney movie earned $9.3 million during its sixth weekend, with an $874 million worldwide.

As for animated movies which take our attention and time, “The Secret Life of Pets 2” enters the top five summer movies with it having earned $7 million in total after four weekends. This makes $131 million in the States and $223 million globally.

Outside the Top Five

Lionsgate’s “John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum” made $300 million globally. This movie is officially the fifth Lionsgate’s release since 2017’s “Wonder” to be as successful.

And finally, our favorite franchise is coming from Marvel Studios. Of course, we are talking about “Avengers: Endgame,” which happened to add $5.5 million this weekend. This makes the Avengers’ last sequel grossing $2.76 billion. However, as this figure might seem enormous, it still has to catch up with the all-time global box office ‘Avatar’ record, which made $26 million more.


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